Our Services

Our aluminium and glass company offers a comprehensive range of services, including design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance of aluminium windows, doors, curtain walls, glass partitions, and other architectural elements, ensuring exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.

ACP Cladding

ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel) cladding is a popular choice for building exteriors, offering a sleek and modern appearance. It combines the strength of aluminium with the versatility of composite materials, providing excellent weather resistance, insulation, and design flexibility.

Aluminium Folding Door

Aluminium folding doors are versatile and space-saving solutions that provide seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces. With their sleek design and durability, they enhance both aesthetics and functionality in any setting.

Glass Partition

Glass partitions are transparent and stylish dividers used in interior spaces to create separate areas while maintaining an open and airy feel. They offer sound insulation, privacy, and visual connectivity, promoting collaboration and natural light flow, making them an ideal choice for modern office environments and commercial settings.

Curtain Wall

A curtain wall is a non-structural outer covering of a building, typically made of glass, that provides an aesthetically pleasing and functional solution by allowing natural light to penetrate while offering thermal insulation and weather protection.

Our Specialization

Glass Partition

Transparent dividers promoting open spaces, natural light, and collaboration in modern offices and commercial settings.

Kitchen Cabinet

Essential storage solutions in kitchens, offering organization and functionality while enhancing the overall design and aesthetics of the space.

Shower Partition

Stylish and functional enclosures that provide privacy and prevent water splashes, enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of bathrooms.

Stained Glass Decor

Artistic and vibrant glass panels that add elegance and character to windows, doors, and other architectural features, creating a captivating visual experience.

Aluminium Fabrication

The process of shaping, cutting, and assembling aluminium components to create custom-made structures and products with durability

Stained Glass Domes

Exquisite architectural features that showcase intricate designs and vibrant colors, adding a touch of grandeur and beauty to interior spaces.

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